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There can be several reasons why people might want to reverse look up an unidentified mobile phone number and obtain particular details about the phone number’s owner. These cell phone reverse lookup services are can return details about the full name, address and background information of any person that owns a cell phone number.

These reverse cell phone look up sites can be handy in numerous other ways — someone might desire to hunt down the person who keeps prank calling you or whose number is persistently turning up on one’s spouse’s cellular phone. No matter what the circumstances may be, a reverse cell phone search will provide you with the specific information you require.

There are businesses that purchase access to all of the telephone records that are available (which includes business, personal, unlisted and mobile telephones) and then create databases of the telephone records for individuals to conduct research with.

The good news is that this new breed of services is able to get at just about any phone number in America. The databases they access deal with both mobile and unlisted telephone numbers. Moreover, fax numbers are available.

The not so good news is that these utilities are not without a cost. See, cellular phones and unlisted numbers are not common information as landline phone numbers are publicly available. Hence, in order to build up their databases of phone records, reverse cell phone search sites must pay money to access phone record information. Because the companies are required to pay for the records themselves, the companies understandably can’t feed it to you without a cost.

Like caller ID and call waiting, a reverse look up is something you must pay something for. If a user goes to a reverse search website, you have the option of paying for a membership account. When doing a reverse phone look up on a cell phone number with a membership, one has the option of doing a whole lot more things than just getting the identity of the caller. One has the option of actually running background checks and pretty much become a private investigator with all the info that you will access. No more do you have to mull over who the weird caller is when one can see the phone number on one’s caller ID.

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