How to Find People for Free

There are many ways on how to find people for free.  On this site, you will find methods that you can actually implement through no cost methods with your computer.  There are many people looking for family and friends that have been lost throughout the years, whether it be through moving around a lot or lack of continuous connections.

One of the most popular ways on how to find people free goes to the social sites, which have not been out for very long, but millions have created accounts and profiles on these sites.  If you have not already attempted to do so, you should try and sign up for the most popular social sites on the web and search for people or profiles that may match the person you want to find.

If you do not have any luck finding the person you are looking for, the look for someone on the social sites that may know the individual you want to find.  This person may know where they are located on what  profile they are on a site.  Or, they may know another person to ask.  Either way, it is a great way on how to find people free online.

There is another method with the six degree philosophy in mind.  Have you tried to email friends or family members that may know the person you are looking for?  Either email them asking them if they know the person or if they know someone else who does.  Hopefully within a week you will get a response from an original email or from a forwarded email to others.

If you are fortunate to know what county a person lives in, then you will have some luck on how to find people with free results.  All you have to do is find out the county auditor site by doing a search for it.  With these sites you can find people free no charge and get property information such as owners, address, tax info and amount of property sale and worth.  With all of these properties tracked by county auditors throughout the states, you can find a person for free.  The only downfall with this method is if they are a renter.

It would be wise to try online directories for your people search, but I usually leave this as a last resort on how to find people for free online.  These directories usually will find the person you are looking for, but the information may be from years ago in the wrong city or state.  However, it may be helpful when you get a hit and call the people from the last address they resided at.  The current resident may know of the person you are trying to find and give a possible city or state to help narrow your search.

A tough people search quest may have to resort to offline methods by working with other people that have a degree or two of connection to your person.  Also, people with common names may be harder to locate, just because of all of the matches you run into throughout different cities and states.  Hopefully, this information creates methods you can use and other sites that may be of service.  Good luck in your quest on how to find people for free online.

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