How To Find People For Free Today

Ever wondered what happened to that old crush you had in high school? Trying to locate that guy who still owes you $10 in lunch money? Looking to hook up with the people who used to mean something in your life, or you’ve lost touch with? Here’s a few methods describing how to find people for free, just a little effort on your part.

The first and most effective place to find people for free is one of the big social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster. If you’re looking for ex-coworkers or people in a specialized field, job specific social networking sites sites such as LinkedIn could be more effective because they focus on professionals.

The second, and more effective method how to find people for free, is to create an account and put yourself up there. It’s free, so sign up for as many of these sites as you want. Put your whole name up there, where you went to school, jobs you have had, and interests. Make sure to include a picture that will be recognized as you, as most people only check profiles that show who they’re dealing with. That way if someone is looking for you as well, you’ll be available for them to find. As a caution, be sure to avoid leaving details such as phone numbers, your home address, or anything else that could be used to either stalk you or steal part of your identity. Wait until you’ve made contact and verified that they really are the person you’re looking fro before exchanging such information.

A phone number is also an ideal piece of information to begin a search. Even if it is an old number, it may still hold vital information. Online directories usually get the required data from telecommunication networks and mobile phone companies that distribute their customer;s details for free. Since it has become a fashion to switch between phone numbers, the person concerned can never be sure that someone using a particular phone number will continue to use the same number for the rest of their life. There are certain sites that obtain these details by making payments to the relevant companies for helping you find information on people.

Finding information about people can be intoxicating and a lot of fun. I’ve discovered web sites that allow you to do an unlimited number of searches and background checks for free. All you pay is a small membership fee and you can search for as many people as you want. This is very exciting because finding people and background information on them, their relatives and their neighbors can be a lot of fun when all your searches are free. Give it a try today but be careful, you might get hooked like I am.

This information is also very helpful in creating a safety net for you and/or your family. Knowing records on surrounding people, friends and family may be helpful in making decisions as to who you choose to hang around with in the future. Hope this information was helpful to you and your people search.

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