Find People for FreeIf you’re looking to find people online in the shortest amount of time and think that the web will provide a ‘magic’ and quick solution – think again!

The ‘Net’ is a great facilitator in finding people but it still requires ‘work’ and at times a little imagination to get the result you want.

Not so long ago if you lost contact with someone it was a lot more difficult to re-establish the link. The main ‘tool’ was the phone book. If the number or name was not listed it was nearly impossible to trace them. Not now with the Internet around. With just a PC or a Mac it is now possible to find people online quite literally from the comfort of your home.

Many websites claim to show you how to find a person. Quite often this information is freely available. It is easier to locate people who actively use the Internet and get involved in forums and posting on blogs or maybe someone has registered a web site name and in doing so have provided their personal details which means that there is now ‘information’ out there in the public domain waiting for someone like you to find it.

Surprisingly a large number of people do not use the internet and these are the people where you will have greater difficulty in finding. There are many ‘how to find people’ portals and some of these are much better than others.

To find people online free I tend to use Google first – Why? Because it has such a good indexing system that if you have details on the web ‘it’, as well as some others are likely to be able to dig out the details for you. OK, I can now hear you say – How?

Step 1.

Type the name in the search box. Use some common sense here. If its a popular name like Smith or Jones – there’s going to be a lot of them.

Step 2.

If it’s a large city or State, rather than a small Town it’s imperative that you include the name in quotation marks, this makes it a ‘phrase’ match in Google which will considerably narrow searches for the name on the web.

Step 3.

If the name still hasn’t come up with the details that you have been expecting then ‘spread’ the net a bit wider. Type in for example “John Doe in X suburb, Y City” this can be quite successful. It’s a amazing how that extra little details can be so important!

OK there is still a very high probability that the search engine method may have failed, usually success rates are anywhere from 30 -40%, not very high but certainly worth a try first.

As with many choices there is the consideration of time versus money – as there are services out there which will do all the searching for you for a fee. You collect details about the person you’re trying to find, take them to a reputable people finding service or private detective many times the search is successful. The benefit of going down this route is that it saves time and many of these agencies will give a refund if the search is unsuccessful.